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    NAME/USERNAME: Christie
    EMAIL: theflutterofherwings (gmail)
    AIM: necessarypapers
    GOOGLE HANGOUTS: same as gmail
    CDJ: [info]eyeball_tree


    FULL NAME: Pamela Lillian Isley / Poison Ivy
    CANON/AU etc: AU. I'm setting up for Ivy being a character in the DCEU, which she likely is, just not yet introed
    CANON POINT: Post Suicide-Squad
    ARRIVAL DATE: October 7th
    DOB/AGE: 29 | August 31 19xx
    PLAYED-BY: Rose McGowan


    • Poison Touch -- her touch (or kiss) contains a deadly toxin that can pass on contact. There are ways to resist it, such as thin barriers, or she's produced anti-venom before, but only for Harley Quinn, and it's not something she does lightly.
    • Toxin Immunity - Including mystical toxins, bacteria, and viruses.
    • Pheromone manipulation - Pamela can secrete pheromones that influence humans and can aid in seduction or hypnosis*.
    • Plant manipulation - Beyond having a simple green thumb, Ivy can mutate and animate plants through the secretion of mutating fungal spores to modify their genetic traits (usually chemical content) or to animate them to attack or build.
    • Plant-based Physiology - If pushed, Ivy can photosynthesize!
    • Ph.D Botanist specializing in Biochemistry
    • Skilled gymnast & martial artist

    ARRIVAL ITEMS: Work clothes and typical purse contents, makeup, phones, bottles of deadly poison, girl stuff.


    • Introverted - 56%
    • Observant - 66%
    • Thinking - 96%
    • Judging - 79%
    • Turbulent - 57%
    FICTIONAL CHARACTERS WITH THE SAME MBTI WHO ARE MOST SIMILAR TO THIS ONE: Elsa (Frozen), Minerva McGonagall (HP), Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright)
    Druids have to have some neutrality.
    ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo

    Thorn Pokemon | Grass / Poison
    The beautiful flowers on its arms have toxic thorns. Don't even think about picking those flowers. Beautiful and deadly, Pamela represents the danger of nature. She cultivates fragile and ephemeral blossoms that can snuff out equally fragile life. She's entrancing, but thorned. Breath-taking in either sense of the word.


    If you ask her, Pam Isley's a hero and in her own way, she is. Pamela views herself similarly to the sort of masked vigilantes that step up to defend a vulnerable population, like Gotham or Metropolis, from a strong and tyrannical villain. However, in her case, that becomes defending Gotham from Gothamites, Earth from mankind. Pamela, in her madness, sees herself as the embodiment of Mother Nature and ultimate defender against those who would threaten that. However, in her empowerment, maybe she's not entirely wrong. There is a mystical component to her, at least according to some.

    If you ask most people, Pamela Isley is one of the world's pre-eminent ecoterrorists. It's a matter of perspective.

    Politically, her politics are radical. Pam is an impassioned feminist, ardent environmentalist and sustainability advocate, an anti-capitalist without any of the empathy. She knows her social movements and activism. I could see her, if the environmental kick wasn't her predominant issue, being the sort of woman who ran a free trade lesbian bookstore. She nurtures plants instead of people or cats, those few people she lets close, she protects as violently as her forests. She views herself as a protector of women just secondary as she views herself a protector of Nature.

    However, like all her politics, she takes them a little far. If misandry were a real thing, Pamela Isley is a misandrist. Having been sexually exploited and nearly killed by a previous boyfriend, Pamela is hypervigilant for signs of sexual violence and any culture that supports it. Oddly, her own coping mechanism has seen her embrace sexuality, but with her toxic body, sexuality is as much a knife she uses to punish patriarchy as anything.

    Within Ivy, you have a story of recovery and survival of trauma. However, repeated insult left a wound that has festered and scarred over. She has control issues--unwilling to cede any, she has developed a highly dominant personality. She takes sex when she wants it, but she does not give love. She holds people at a distance, kept away by a wall of thorns and venom. But has something alluring about her that's more than just pheromones through that. Ivy is like a venus flytrap. Succulent, enticing, and carnivorous, but if she is cruel, then that's because nature is cruel.

    And her environmental wrath is not just misandry. She recognizes that women can be as much trouble as men from a global perspective. On a far deeper level, Ivy hates humanity. She is a scientist, and so deeply entrenched in phylogeny, Ivy is a firm believer in Darwinian evolution--survival of the fittest, as it were. Plants, with their more complex genomes, multivariate adaptations, and wide biological range, Ivy is certain, are they fittest. She survived them, she is the fittest. The end of mankind, if it should happen to occur, is simple evolution. Because mankind, is not the fittest with its flaws and selfishness.

    It may seem problematic, eating all those vegetables, but she's a vegan and a passionate locavore. During spring and summer months, she even verges on fruitarian. You would think she wouldn't care about meat, or caring more about plants, would encourage a largely meat-based diet. However, if one were to consider the ecological impact of sustaining livestock as requiring tenfold more plant matter than an agricultural based diet, the impact on the planet beyond individual plants is incomparable.

    More while she has plucked the fingers off a man to the refrain "He loves me, he loves me not" for doing the same thing to a flower, eating fruit is different. Justification of needing to eat, maybe, but no one needs to pick a flower, and doing so robs a plant of its ability to reproduce (Maybe she should have plucked a different petal?). Eating a fruit is harvesting what the plant has made, and can even still in some cases pass along seeds.

    Still, Ivy's working on cutting back on her need to eat fruit also. She just doesn't get quite the same energy off photosynthesizing--yet.

    Ivy may be many things, visionary, even slightly mad. But the base of her drive is a deep-seated anger at her life, which has translated to an anger at the world. She has channelled this into a focused quest for vengeance, though how productive such rage is may be open to some debate. But this is only enhanced by her keen intelligence. Ivy is predatory, confident, and comfortable in her own skin.

    She doesn't like much. She likes plants. She likes Batman and Ivy--sometimes. And she doesn't mind jewelry, but is less into it than most other supervillainesses.

    In 150-250 WORDS, TELL US WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS CHARACTER: A man-hating plant scientist? Come on. Why wouldn't I want to?

    Trigger Warning: Sexual assault, intimate partner violence, feminist exploitation genre violence
    Pamela was born in Seattle Washington to well to a well-enough to do family. Her father was an international banker and her mother involved in charity events in the city. In fact, her upbringing wasn't all that different on paper from Bruce Wayne's. But the love wasn't there. The Isleys were official and standoffish, and Pamela was a bookish and sometimes sickly girl. She largely kept to herself and her home's gardens. She always loved science

    In fact, she went to Berkeley and studied biology, pursuing a PhD after her bachelor's degree under Dr. Jason Woodrue. However, when it says under, that is actually incredibly accurate. Pamela, though shy was beautiful, and though highly intelligent, was somewhat naive. While at a conference, her major professor came onto her. She wasn't sure, but for the sake of her degree, she decided she couldn't really say no. So she started an affair with her married professor.

    It went on for about two years, while Ivy was studying plant-based poisons, until one day he refused to sign off on a key step to her graduation. She threatened to tell his wife about them. He flew into a rage when Pamela took her own small steps of power and in the ensuing battle, he spilling a vial of transdermally absorbing toxins on her. Panicked, he pushed the shelf on her, hoping to make it look like an accident. Pamela was in the hospital for months on the verge between life and death, but between the toxins and anti-toxins pumping through her veins, she emerged stronger physically. Mentally something had cracked. Surviving that was hard. Pamela wound up pushing away her mother during Woodrue's trial, and her father died in this period.

    Concerned with legal action, the University pushed her through her PhD at the age of 25. But Jason made sure her reputation as a scientist was ruined. Criminal proceedings against Jason began, and his defense did their best to present her as a psychopathic mistress. Jason got off.

    Pamela couldn't find a job in research with her tarnished reputation so joined the peace corps. She was sent to the Amazon to help deliver medicines to difficult to reach. Additionally, while not in an official capacity, Pam was able to continue some of her doctoral research on poisonous plants.

    One day, moving through the jungle, one of her comrades grabbed her. She had actually not been with anyone since the fight with Jason or else she might have known that her touch was toxic. Even had she, she wouldn't have told him. He died in agony in the jungle. She watched him from the arms of a Manchineel tree. And so she stayed there, protected by the rainforest and the animals that quickly learned to avoid her. She sustained herself on the toxic flora of the Amazon, honing her toxicity to the point that an animal even brushing her might soon die. She slaughtered the rescue squad that came for her. It was during this period that Ivy's loyalty shifted away from men and their cruelty to the natural world that had always embraced her.

    She roamed the forest for 3 years as a bogeyman, ever growing her powers. Until one day, she came across a deforested patch of soybeans. Acres and acres as far as she could see, she went blind with rage. At Pamela's urging, the edges of the forest began slowly creeping back into the fields, and

    Pamela Isley was left in the Amazon. She emerged, Poison Ivy, Eco-terrorist and well, amazon(?).

    But that didn't mean she was without her petty grudges. Ivy's first stop in the US was Jason Woodrue's home. His body was found four day's later, almost mummified and suspended in vines. She's left a trail of would-be lovers or harrassers since. Although it's not all been revenge against men who would hurt women. It's been litterers, people with fuel inefficient cars, and a very unfortunate homecoming parade.

    And then Ivy turned up in Gotham City, a proving ground for any would be psychopath. She set herself up in the Botanic Gardens, as a gardener by outward appearance, but an agent of reclamation of city ground. She was cutting into Joker's turf, and not particularly bothered by the clown who was becoming somewhat of a rival.

    But it was the Batman who caught her attention. In him she saw an anger and pain like hers, and maybe an unhinged enough personality to be somewhat of a peer. And he resisted her charms, even in full bloom. She liked that.

    She liked Arkham a little less. But she wasn't there for long.
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